How our story helps and improves your story when you are a Thuto Ke Lesedi school!

Our Story

Thuto Ke Lesedi has been developed from personal experience in running a school with limited resources and low fees.

This experience, plus the experience of developing and providing a NCF pre-school programme over the last few years, means that Thuto Ke Lesedi is ideally placed to meet the needs of schools and teachers with limited resources.

Your Story

There are three ways your story will improve with Thuto Ke Lesedi:

  • Your children

  • Your teachers

  • Your school

Your Children

  • Children will develop the basic skills they need for reading, writing and mathematics.

  • Children will be actively learning and be happier.

  • Each day the children will develop skills such as: number recognition and counting, shape and colour recognition, patterns and sequences, visual perception, etc.

  • Children will have a well rounded pre-school experience that includes a wide range of teacher-directed activities and be better prepared for Grade R.

Your Teachers

  • Teachers will learn new skills and have more confidence.

  • Thuto Ke Lesedi has daily, illustrated, step-by-step training that crosses language barriers.

  • Feedback from the teachers to the parents will be more meaningful with the help of the NCF Observation Sheets and the Mid-year and End-of-year reports. 

Your School

  • With better planning in place, because you are using the Thuto Ke Lesedi programme, the school will be seen to be well run.

  • Parents will be impressed with progress of their children.

  • The school will get a good reputation in the community.